If you want a DAkkS-calibration of your torque sensor or torque sensor chain, please observe our check list of DAkkS-calibration order!


Reference standard measuring system 1 N·m up to 200 N·m
Reference standard measuring system 1 N·m up to 200 N·m

Sample DAkkS Calibration Certificate

Calibration laboratory accredited by Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH

The calibration laboratory is entitled, under the conditions in the following and under the consideration of the appropriate procedure guidelines and/or equipment standards, to issue calibration certificates for the measurand torque in the measuring range specified as follows:

Measurand / Calibration Object Measuring Range Measuring Conditions According Best Measurement Capability Comment
The uncertainties of measurement specified in the table are the smallest uncertainties of measurement which may be indicated on calibration certificates. The determination of these uncertainties of measurement was based on an extension factor k = 2 (corresponds to a coverage probability of approximately 95 %).
Torque sensor and torque measuring chains 0.2 N·m .. 200 N·m DIN 51309 ≥ 1 × 10-4 Class ≥ 0.05
Clockwise (CW) torque
Counter-clockwise (CCW) torque

Association for Sensors and Measurement AMA

Authorised Economic Operator AEOF

Quality Management ISO 9001