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New Technology in the Speed/Angle Measurement for Torque Sensors with RS485

  • Full Synchronism of Speed/Angle of Rotation with the Torque Measuring Signals
  • Data Transfer via the RS485 Interface
  • Simple Applicable "Plug and Play"

Compression Ring Force Sensor for Measurement of Clamping Forces

  • Compression Force Transducer K-181Measuring Range 15 kN (M6)..1500 kN (M52)
  • Measuring Washer
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Low Measuring Range, very high Nat­u­ral Frequency
  • Extremely flat and robust Sensor Design
  • Ideal for determining Bolt Preload

Torque Sensor with USB‑Connection DR‑3000

  • Torque Sensor with USB-ConnectionEasy applicable "Plug and Play" Measuring System
  • Supply of the Measuring System via PC USB Port
  • Up to 16bit Resolution
  • Fast Measurement up to 2500/s
  • Stores Settings in the Sensor
  • Calibration and Control Trigger via Software
  • Torque-, Angle-/Speed and Power- Evaluation
  • Comfortable Configuration and Evaluation Software inclusive
Publication Torque Sensor with USB-Connection
Download: Flyer Torque Sensor with USB-Connection
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Torque Sensor DR-2643

  • Torque Transducer DR-2643Nominal Torque from 0.1.. 5000 N·m
  • Active Output ±5V (optional ±10V)
  • Virtually no Influence of the Bear­ing Friction on the Measuring Sig­nal
  • Speed up to 30,000 min-1
  • Sample Rate 10 kSample

Torque Measuring Flange DR-2800

  • Torque Measuring Flange DR-2800Active Output ±5V (±10V)
  • Contactless Data Transmission
  • Maintenance-free, since no Bearings
  • Very short axial Length
  • High Torsional Stiffness
  • Flange-Flange-Solution
  • Rotor-sided Through Hole
  • Integrated Speed Measurement (Option)

Torque Sensor DR-2554 – Compact, Accurate, Dynamic

  • Torque Sensor DR-2554Short Embodiment-length with Integrated Coupling
  • Bearing-free
  • Active Output (±5V, ±10V)
  • Integrated Speed Measurement (Option)
  • Contactless, Digital Signal Transmission
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