Tension Force Sensors of Lorenz Messtechnik GmbH

Our tension force sensors are extremely compact, but yet in a very robust design. The force is gen­er­ally applied through external threads (also available with rod ends) or by means of connecting straps. The sensors provide standardized analog, unreinforced strain gauge bridge output signals in mV/V. As an option, some of our tension force sensors can be supplied with an extended temper­a­ture range of -40°C up to 150°C. Typical applications for these sensor types are for example, rope or spring force measurement, examination of operating forces, determi­na­tion of force in belt ten­sion­ers or bowden cables, … .

Force Sensors - Force Transducers

Tension Force Sensors

Image Type Measuring Range Accuracy Class Range of Application
Tension Force Transducer K-1107 K-1107   10..200 N 0.2 Miniature Sensor, e.g. for Survey of Rope Force or Force Determination of a Bowden Wire
Tension Force Sensor K-100 K-100 1..100 kN 0.3 E.g. for Solar Wing Control or Rope Force Measurement
Tension Force Cell K-1368 K-1368 10..200 N 0.2 Miniature Transducer, e.g. for Force Determination of Belt Tensioners

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