Products of Lorenz Messtechnik GmbH

Our manufacturing program includes torque sensors, force sensors, load cells as well as the corre­sponding measured data evaluation units. Furthermore customized system solutions and test benches for the acquisition of speed, torque, force and characteristics; special sensors and strain gauge installation. We offer DAkkS and proprietary calibrations for all of our sensors and devices. With the purchase of a new sensor a test certificate, which records the traceable measurement, is provided as standard.

Test Benches

Automotive Test Rigs

Image Range of Application Technical Details
Windshield Wiper Rods Testing Device Windshield Wiper Rods Testing Device Testing Parameter: Force, Displacement, Torque and Angle
Friction Torque Test Rig Friction Torque Test Rig Testing Parameter: Torque, Rotational Angle, Temperature and Speed

Association for Sensors and Measurement AMA

Authorised Economic Operator AEOF

Quality Management ISO 9001